Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Catherin, the denial slave 02

In the morning she doesn’t even seem to notice him when he enters the room.

Catherin is panting silently and her hips keep moving from side to side trying to close her legs so she could at least rub her thighs against each other.

The torturing gel did its magic during the night. It’s hard to imagine what it is like to be laying on a bed in your bondage only able to thrash. Your nipple are itching and burning and tingling calling to you to just touch them, just to touch them a little to make them feel better. Those little buts on those little breasts keep torturing you no matter what you do and there is not much that you can actually do. You can thrash around, you can try moving your chest from side to side but you can’t really tell whether the cool air around your stiff nipples is making things better or worse.

She did get no sleep. Every time she closed her eyes her mind was feeding her with fantasies of strong fingers touching her and squeezing her. She would willingly thrust her hips against a finger if you could. But the only thing that meets her bucking is the cold air.

And you can’t forget about the ever-leaking core of her body placed between her legs. The gel made her clit grow huge and stick out like a finger between her other lips. She tries every move possible to do something about it. She wishes she could just thrash in a way that it would make the flesh of her pussy lips rub against the flesh of her swollen button.

Marcus watches her for a moment. He loves her clit protruding prominently. It wants to be touch by anything but the chilly air that has haunted her long enough. There is a wet spot under her from all the juices flowing out. Her nipples are dark in color and make entrancing sight as her chest rises with heavy breathing. How would it feel just to suck on the body? On all of those little sensitive places?

There comes a woman behind Marcus and gives Catherin an intrigued look.
“Oh my, you did not lie, dear Marcus. She is all beautiful and wet as you have promised; I can’t wait to begin with her. May I?”

“Sure, enjoy,” answers Marcus and sits next to the bed as the women approaches the writhing body.

Firstly she runs her hand delicately over Cate’s body feeling her sweaty skin against her palm. You can see in her eyes how she is enjoying playing with her bound victim. Like a mighty lioness watching her mouthwatering pray.

When she reaches the leaking crotch her index finger hungrily enters in and Catherin suddenly realizes she is not alone in the room anymore. With few movements inside her cunny she is brought directly to the very edge of orgasm and just opens her surprised mouth in a silent scream. But she remains denied.

“Well she is even more of a hair trigger then I have expected. I really do pity her,”
“No, I’m most certainly sure that you don’t.” Marcus comments with amused smile.
“True enough,” the woman answers enjoying the throbbing vaginal walls around her finger. And with few skilled strokes of thumb on a clit Cate is brought to the edge again.

“Pleeeease,” Cate gives out the first word out of her mouth silently hidden in a deep moan.

“Please what, my little bird?” Marcus whispers into her ear. Although he is not sure if she hears him being brought to the edge again.

And again….

She has never known something so cruel as being brought so close to the release but being stopped. It feels so nice and it makes her want more. She does not need water or food, she needs more of the touches and she needs it not to stop. Repeatedly…
“Please let me cum!” she screams finally with all the power left in her body, panting and breathing heavily like saying those words was harder then running marathon.
Or maybe now she is panting because of the next edge.

Her clitoris is throbbing painfully filled with blood. It’s hard to think when your whole mind is focused between your legs. When even without seeing you can feel that your pussy is swollen and tender. You know if your hands were free that you could make yourself cum within mere seconds.

She would give anything just to rub her stiff nipples. It’s like an itch that you can’t stretch and it gets only worse over time.

“Sweet thing, I have a business proposition for you. You shall have your chance of the biggest orgasm that you can imagine. But the catch is that you have to give up your virginity to me and tell me to fuck your cunt.” Marcus tells her with his most angelic voice he has.

Catherin seems to be contemplating the situation. On the other hand she might just not believe what she is hearing.

The woman gets bored by the waiting and with just flicking her fingers she helps Cate get her priorities straight.

“Fuck me, please, fuck me.” She answers quickly defeated.

“Well if you wish for it my dear, I have no heart to tell you no.”

He looks at the woman who is still pressing her fingers into the wet honey hole. “You can stop now and I will have her delivered as we have agreed.”

“Are you sure I can’t watch before I go?” She reacts with a grin.

“No, you can’t.”

“Well that’s a pity, I really want to see the look on her face when she realizes... Anyway, ok we will do the standard procedure with her,” the woman turns to Marcus finally withdrawing her fingers. “We will start with the implant and hormone therapy through the whole three months session. There will be no direct body modification as you requested. We will return her in the end in shape and in line with her future being.”

Marcus answers with only a nod and watches her leave the room. It’s apparently not her first visit here.

Then he looks back at the poor thing on the bed.

Catherin is still breathing heavily watching Marcus with indescribable mix of emotions behind her black eyes. Her body is even more covered in sweet sweat and the wet patch under her got far bigger then before. She looks like a teenage porn queen still unable to stop panting and moaning softly. But she does not seem to fight her bondage. She is just waiting what will happen next.

As she is not given more attention she closes her eyes and gets back to trying to rub her thighs together once again.

When she opens her eyes in a little while, she quickly notices that Marcus used the time to strip naked next to her. His muscular body certainly catches her attention but her look promptly moves at what will certainly hurt inside her in a moment. She can’t believe that veiny thing could ever fit inside of her body. But that look and that thought only stir the flames in her if that’s even possible.

Marcus opens another bottle of a clear gel.

He gets it on his fingers and he starts to rub it lightly on her hard nipples and little breasts. She does not give away that she would notice him even touching her. Her eyes just keep staring right between his legs.

He gets a rich amount of the gel out again and rubs it over her sensitive clit and pussy lips and then carefully more inside of her. She seems to notice this time the touch and rewards the sensations with more enthusiastic moans. By the look of her she might actually be looking forward towards getting fucked nicely. Looking forward for her well-deserved orgasm.

Caught in the situation she fails to notice that the gel makes her feel different than the one from last night. It’s not the right tingling feeling. It’s actually somehow more familiar feeling.

Marcus moves graciously over her on a bed. She realizes what is wrong when the tip of his manhood touches her pussy but she can feel only a dull touch. The fire is still in her strong as ever but she knows well enough that no touch can make difference now.
He enters her. It is tight feeling but with all her wetness it’s not actually such a trouble. Marcus gives out a satisfied moan from the feeling of tight hot wetness.

Her hymen was broken but she did not even feel it. There is not much that she can feel from him. The gel, her gel, made sure of it. The fire is within her but it was securely locked.

Cate gives out a frustrated depressed sound. With maybe some unrecognizable words hidden behind her sobs.

“Why the sad face, honeybee? I told you that you get your chance so here it is. I am certainly not stopping anything this time.”

She looks at his face and sees nothing but a self-content delight behind his freezingly cold eyes as he begins thrusting deep within her.

Squishy sounds of well-lubricated pussy can be heard. Meat against meat can be heard. His purrs of joy can be heard. But the only sound she is making is sobs.

With his every thrust she hopes that she will feel something. But with every thrust her body betrays her. She is desperate with need. Desperate by the betrayal of Marcus and her own body. The four years of abstinence felt like hell. But they were heaven compared to how she is feeling now.

But the lust in the end protects her mind from thinking too much of her situation. She has never imagined that she would lose her cherry like this.
He is thrusting hard into her tight maiden pussy. It would hurt if she had true feeling in there.

Fortunately it does not take him long to be finished with her and semen mixed with her juices and blood leaks out of her when he takes himself out from her.

Her eyes are empty.

Without a word he moves to open the table again and gets out a syringe. The syringe takes her to needed dreamless sleep.


Disclaimer: I am using pictures of porn actress Sasha Grey that I found on the Internet. When I was writing the story I have always imagined Catherin looking like her. I hope that if she ever finds this blog by an accident that she won't mind...