Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Catherin, the denial slave 01

Catherin took one pill of Improbaton from her small box and slowly put it between her lips, swallowing it together with water. She always had her pills and glass ready next to her bed and she knew it’s the first thing to do every morning after waking up. The mornings were always the worst.

Standing up from her bed she moves to check herself in a large mirror in her room. The reflection in front of her shows an eighteen years old girl with long straight black hair dressed in cotton pajamas, her breasts are just little but the nipples stand visibly hard under the fabric. Looking down like every morning she notices a wet stain, a dark spot on gray cotton.

Cate drags her top over her head feeling fresh air soothing her aching desire. Looking at herself always arouses her.

Her skinny hand goes right for a pair of plastic gloves and a small bottle standing on a table nearby but her eyes stay transfixed on her body. She puts on the gloves and opens the bottle pouring a bit of pure gel on her fingertips. She moves her hands up to her breasts and starts massaging her stiff buttons. The first touch is always the best, the fire grows and desire shoots directly targeting between her legs. With closed eyes she keeps rubbing her nipples but too fast the gel makes them feel dull even though they remain hard.

Cate sights and puts down her wet bottoms. She can already see juice glistening on her sex and running down on her thighs. She pours more of the gel on her fingertips and starts rubbing it over her aching need. Catherin moans out as the feeling overwhelms her. She rubs her clit in fast circles mixing her juices with the gel feeling fire building fast inside her.

Every morning she hopes that she would rub fast enough although she knows that it’s impossible but nevertheless she tries. Cate’s fingers are a blur over her swollen clit and her legs shake as a moan escapes her lips. But then the dull feeling starts. She knows she won’t be able to finish.


“Marcus, I am telling you that you can go fuck yourself!” The voice of Catherin’s father went through the whole house, Cate could hear if right from the kitchen a floor above. It is very strange for her father to ever rise his voice or use any swear words for that matter. She tries to listen but she can hardly hear anything. A decision to investigate is made.

She moves silently like a ninja on those old stairs. As she moves closer she can hear her father’s voice more clearly and a calm man’s voice that she doesn’t recognize and it’s too silent to make up the words. But she thinks the man wants her father to sell out the company he built. Cate knows he would sooner sell his little girl to slavery and the man, whoever he is, will learn that soon enough as well.

Suddenly the door before her spreads open and she is caught at spot. A tall man in his thirties dressed in black fitting suit looks at her with freezing cold eyes.

“I can see you have a very curious daughter, maybe she can talk some sense into you until it’s too late mister Jarnis,” he says without any actual emotion in his voice.
That was the first and last look he gave her, with that Marcus just stormed out of the house.


“Hello, Catherin, thank you for accepting my invitation,” says in again a very different voice then she remembers from meeting him the first time, now it is a pleasant sound like a voice of an angel.

“Hello, mister Pantony,” she answers with nod and lets him sit her down to their table. They met in a private room of a fancy restaurant which according the Internet belongs to Marcus’s company.

Cate told her father that she is going out with her friends but in fact she has accepted an invitation from Marcus Pantony. He waited for her near her school the next day after she met him in their house. Marcus was all smile and charm, he told her that he actually wants to help her father and that if she gives him a chance that he would like to explain himself over a dinner. He did not forget to mention that the meeting should stay their secret.

“I have heard that you don’t like alcohol so I took the liberty to have a nonalcoholic cocktail prepared for you.”

Catherin looks with a bit of suspicion at the colorful glass before her with oranges and two straws on top of it.

“You know my company owns restaurants all over Ukraine and we have a world-wide distributional channel. Your father has the largest Ukrainian distributional channel with soft drinks that we are interested in.”

She smiles at him, knowing that the boring business stuff is starting right now.

“Your father won’t be able to fight the American labels for much longer and the number predictions do not look good for him.”

Cate kept smiling and listening. At least that the drink he had prepared tasted good.

“But we both know now that he will not sell his business and even you will not persuade him.”

She looks at him with renewed suspicion, “If you know that then why did you want to talk to me.”

“I know your father loves you and that he would do anything to protect you. And his actions actually started to damage my business which made me and my partners very unhappy. He seems to find joy in humiliating me.”

Marcus looks at her with his eyes turning into freezing pieces of ice once again and her head starting to feel dizzy.

“And I have just figured out that it will be easier,” he did not manage to finish the sentence as her head fell on the table unconscious.


Catherin woke up immediately feeling her head hurting as hell and the world is still spinning around. She can’t remember what happened last night and she can hardly open her eyes to the sharp light in her room.

Her head is hurting so bad and she is so confused. Why can’t she move? Why are there the restraints that she is feeling on her wrists and ankles? Why is she naked under her covers on the bed?

As her head slowly stops moving, she can look around. She is not in her room but in someone’s house. It is a modern bedroom. There is light coming through windows from outside. She can even see her own black dress thrown over a chair nearby. But what she finds really disturbing is a camera on tripod before her bed with red light on.
“Heeey, help! Is anyone here?” she screams out but no one is answering.

Cate lies unable to move for like eternity and nothing changes. The pain in her head seems to be leaving her fast now. But as the pain leaves a new feelings rise up to her attention. She can feel her nipples are stiff and she is wet between her legs. Her juices are flowing down to her ass.

It must be midday and she didn’t take her morning Improbaton pill, neither used the desensitizer. She shakes and screams out, crying for help again.


The light in her room is growing darker now. She remembers the restaurant from last night, just sitting to the table and that’s all. Catherin’s breasts and sex are begging for attention under the covers. It’s hard to think about anything but the need inside her.


She can hear some steps!

“Hey, anybody, please help me!” she cries out and attempts once more to move in her bonds.

The door in front of her opens and light is turned on. Marcus shows, looking at her without a word.

“Why am I here? Let me go!”

Without any expression of emotion he moves closer to her and looks at her face. The ice cold eyes again freezing her.

His hands move swiftly to remove covers from her body. Cate just shakes unable to move away or hide herself. Marcus’s eyes measure her body, stopping on her painfully hard nipples and the wet stain between her spread legs.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she starts sobbing apparently losing it.

He grabs a near chair and opens a folder.

His freezing cold voice fills the room.

“Catherin Jarnis, born 5th January 1994, accepted to the clinic 2007. Hymen is unbroken at the last check up on 9th January 2012.
Prescribed treatment: The patient is to take one pill of Improbaton every morning after waking up and again after maximum of twelve hours apply desensitizing gel to her nipples, clitoris and labia. The patient should not masturbate or engage in intercourse without previous medical consent. The patient should not drink any alcohol as it might interfere with prescribed medication.
Diagnosis: Hormonal instability causing oversensitivity of erogenous body zones, high production of vaginal secret and heightened states of arousal during the day. Secondary the hormonal instability led to a masturbation addiction which was the reason of the patient’s family to contact a medical help.”

Catherin watched him reading speechless; she wouldn’t be able to move a muscle even if she wasn’t bound. There was clear fear in her eyes.

Marcus closed the folder and looked at her again, “You know I was looking for some leverage on your father for quite some time and after meeting you, his amazingly beautiful daughter, I just made my research on you. Don’t worry sweetheart I will give you back to your father after he lets me buy his company and the transfer is finished but let me just say that you won’t be the same once you get back home.”

Cate was still unable to say a word; she just stared at him in shock, her chest moving up and down as she breaths quickly in fear.

“Looking at your leaking cunt I must say that everything seems to be true. By now there should be no traces of Improbaton left in your body and you should be dying for orgasm that you were not able to have during the last four years. I hope you weren’t cheating with them.”

She swallows hard. “What are you going to do with me?”

Marcus looks at her body hiding his thoughts but with lust apparent in his eyes. “I can do anything I like. It is amazing how your body is already boiling up itself. But don’t worry I will leave you in a moment, I just have a present for you before I go.” With these words he puts on plastic gloves and takes out a little bottle.

“It does look like your desensitizing gel, doesn’t it? But this one is actually used to thread people with damaged nerves in their body so they could feel touch. It stimulates nerve endings. For normal people it can make their body sensitive to the point that a normal touch hurts them. But no one actually knows what’s going to be the result of my little experiment… we shall see.”

Cate looks at him not believing what he is saying and she tries to shake her body to move away as his hand with the gel on his fingers moves to her breasts.

She screams softly as she feels cold touch on her nipple. His eyes just remain freezing as he can feel her button stiffen even more under his administration.

Against her will his touch sends a wave of pleasure through her body. She cries out terrified and as his hand moves fast to the other nipple with a new dose of the cold pure gel, she can feel the tingle to begin.

He moves both hands away and just watches her. She breathes fast as she can feel her buttons tingle more and more and warmth floods slowly over her whole bosoms shooting down deep within her core.

“Please, make it stop!” she cries out but he just smiles as he was just waiting for her to start pleading.

His fingers take up more of the gel again and move unmistakably right between her legs. She groans as his fingers touches her clitoris. But the light touches only apply the gel on her sensitive button and her second lips without caressing her need.

Last dose of gel goes directly inside her. She groans heavily as even the lightest of movements of his fingers threatens her to come soon. An orgasm after such a long time.

But his fingers are removed and Marcus leaves the room without a word.


Disclaimer: I am using pictures of porn actress Sasha Grey that I found on the Internet. When I was writing the story I have always imagined Catherin looking like her. I hope that if she ever finds this blog by an accident that she won't mind...