Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Catherin, the denial slave 03

Catherin wakes up strapped to some kind of a gynecological chair. She can feel a sharp pain from behind in her neck. Her body is safely secured so she cannot move at all and her legs are spread wide, too wide as they actually hurt.

When she realizes there are electrodes all over her body it makes her feel truly terrified with quite a number of devices around her and there is a mask on her face already feeding her some kind of odorless gas. The events of the past day begin coming back to her, which only adds to her stress and when she recalls being deflowered by Marcus she tries to reach between her legs but the straps prevent any movement.

A young woman in a white doctor coat approaches her from the side to test her pupil reaction with a small flashlight.

“Subject 2041 is conscious and I will proceed with the basic implant function test,” she says aloud into a voice recorder and steps to a computer.

At first Catherin feels sharp pain through her whole body and screams into her mask but slowly the pain changes into irritating tingling, then soft tingling sending shivers through her body until it disappears all together. She finds out that her limbs and torso are really safely secured and she can’t thrash around even a little.

“Implant response seems to be stronger than usual but we can blame it on her medical condition at the moment. Now we begin with orgasm control calibration phase.”

Catherin feels confused and frightened; she just wants this to be a dream and be home once again with her father.

It is not a dream though. The strange doctor did not even ask her anything; she is just using her as some device to learn its buttons. And the pain was scary… especially because she could not tell what hurt her, it was like her whole body was suddenly hurting from the inside.

The doctor moves to her crotch and starts inserting metallic dildo-like instruments inside her ever wet vagina and even anus. She is surprised there is no problem getting past her sphincter. They feel cold inside her.

Catherin realizes that she actually does not feel all that horny or as sensitive as she should or she did when she was still bound to Marcuse’s bed. Her genitals feel suspiciously normal without any bothersome tingling or worse. She should feel all horny and sensitive and she should be dripping wet after days without her medication and after all the she came through.

The memories of being fucked by Marcus send shivers through her spine. Even though she was desensitized and even though she did not cum, she had a real life penis inside her for the first time in her life. She saw his face full of excitement and triumph as he was giving it to her hard until her exploded himself. Her mind was horny enough but her body somehow did not care.

Cold doctor’s hands touch her body again and at last some kind of silver bullets are fastened to her nipples and clitoris and the woman returns to her computer. There are two bullets pressing against each other with pieces of sensitive flesh in between.

With few clicks of computer mouse the bullets and electrodes on Catherin’s little breasts come to life sending soft electrical currents through her skin.

Cate’s eyes widen as the same current comes alive through electrodes on her whole body and especially those on her clit and including the metallic dildos inside her. Her body fast remembers how to become dripping horny.

It is like her whole body is stimulated to sexual heavens as the electrodes optimize for a maximal pleasure. There are currents connecting her g-spot with her clitoris and nipples and just her whole bosoms tingle.

Catherin has no thoughts within her head; she just bathes in the warm waves of bliss. It’s a wonderful feeling that can’t be compared to anything. Her body tingles and builds itself towards an orgasm. She wishes that she could stay like this forever, forever sensitive to the pleasure of her body lost in the relaxing currents. She moans softly into her mask and breathes more of the gas. With every breath the gas makes her mind more alerted and energized. It is like having an energy drink being constantly poured into your body.

Then the spasms start. At the beginning her clitoris and vagina around the dildos start twitching but then her whole body contracts under the electric assault.

Catherin realizes she should have come already and that her body is pushing her towards orgasm, which is somehow not coming. She just groans heavily into her gas mask.

She is not controlling the contractions and even when she tries and it’s not just her excited body that makes her do that. It’s like someone else has control over her body and makes her pussy contract on command and then her both holes just contract tightly around their intruders.

New feeling comes to the play as all the attached bullets and dildos inside her start vibrating optimizing to the most effective stimulation.

Her whole body shudders and she tries to scream but somehow she does not control her voice and only breaths heavily. Her trashing body needs the orgasm and her mind begins to wish to black out but the gas in her mask makes her fully aware of everything that is happening to her.

She loses it.

A strange wave goes through her body and her heart starts beating fast. She should have come. She should have blacked out. Something should be happening but instead a new feeling is added as the dildos start a fucking motion inside her.

There are wet squishing noises as the biggest dildo attacks her juicy honey hole. So that is what fucking is like. So that that is what having your brains fucked out is like. She can feel the texture of the poles moving inside her and she just remains contracted around them like she wanted just to be rubbed there more.

Her whole body is burning. There is a current running through her body and vibrations caressing her as artificial cocks are fucking her hard and fast. And she still cannot cum or escape her ministrations no matter how much she jerks her hips around.

She is wishing that she could move a bit, thrash a bit but she can’t move, she can only take it with no escape. She wants to take her hand and brush her breasts with her tiny nipples still pressed tightly between the silver bullets.

Then it all ends and there is no feeling in her body at all… only a woman’s voice comes again.

“Subject finished the orgasm control calibration process. The body sensitivity is highly over average but the implant is still able to compensate and keep the subject conscious together with the Bull gas. A phase of orgasm capacity calibration will begin.”

Her body is still spasming when all the electronics comes alive.

She hits the edge of orgasm instantly and then all the machines turn off again.

“Oh wait, the subject is special case of total orgasm denial. She is not to be allowed to orgasm at any circumstances. Usually we would calibrate to see how many orgasms the subject can stand in a row but an amendment can be made. We will proceed with the same program that should be making her orgasming but we will keep the orgasm block on her.”

Through the cloud of sensory overload Cathering does not manage to comprehend the words fast enough and the machines come to life once again. There is no build up, the machines just go to maximum power instantly as her flesh is being fucked and stimulated into sensory oblivion that should in normal circumstances lead into succession of multiple orgasms even if she was frigid.

Her body does not seem to get tired of the near orgasmic wave as her clit and breasts swell even more under the attack. It even seems that the feelings grow ever still stronger as her cunt squirts juices.

Something breaks in her and she does not feel terrified anymore and her mind does not look for a way to escape. She is just bathing her senses in the carnal pleasure of her body and inner peace fulfills her. She is enjoying her cunt contracted around the dildo that is drilling moans out of her. Her swollen clitoris just feels heavenly trapped by the torturous bullets. She could never imagine that she could like having her ass intruded but it just completes that warm feeling of being utterly used. She wants to be fucked, she wants to be full and she is thankful for her bonds to bind her so nicely that she can enjoy the feelings more.

Finally the machines shut down.

Catherin is not really thinking or feeling anything inparticular, she is just in a state where her mind is conscious but her consciousness does not seem to registers any thoughts.

At the final point she is allowed to black out.


“Good morning, Catherin. I hope you had a pleasant night.”

Cate slowly opens her eyes recognizing the woman from Marcuse’s house. She is a blonde in her forties. Next to her stands the younger girl who made her go through the torment on the chair. She must be around the same age as Catherin with blonde nearly white hair and very significant dark blue eyes. Both of them are sexy with large breasts hidden under a doctor coat.

“We will free you from your bonds soon but firstly we want to explain you your situation.”

Catherin feels still exhausted but manages to focus more on her body that is strapped on a chair. All her muscles feel tired and burning but what she feels between her legs is the worst. Her clitoris and pussy are once again red and swollen and demanding treatment.

She is in some small room without windows with only artificial light and with one bed and one chair. A very wet chair from her pussy juices.


Suddenly her body gets a strong jolt of pain that runs through her flesh from toes to head like she felt on the chair at the beginning.

“Stop staring at your pussy and look at me,” says the older woman quietly.

“You have been given an implant that controls impulses in your body through your spine. As you now felt it can give you pain. But it can also give you pleasure. It can make you orgasm instantly or it can deny you the bliss even if you were fucked for a week.”

Catherine just stares at her. She does not know what to think or do anymore. The situation is unimaginable.

“You are the property of Marcus Pantony as his slave. From now on you are to call him Master. Also you will call me Mistress. Everyone else is a Madam or a Sir for you. Soon you will learn to serve to pleasure of others.”

“Silvie, please inject her,” she says to the blue-eyed girl who within a second puts a needle in her arm.

“Madam Silvie is giving you a hormone therapy that you will be receiving every morning and night. Soon your body will learn to produce the hormone on its own. It will make your outer sexual organs swell and even grow and you will produce a lot of natural pheromones. I am very curious about what will happen in combination with your own medical condition.

But don’t worry the implant can also make you feel numb so you won’t feel any excitement from your body.”

Mistress steps back and Madam Silvie starts unstrapping her. Catherine still did not say a word.

When she is free she does not move a muscle anyway, she is still fully absorbed inside by the feelings being radiated by her body. She can hear every word they say and she can understand but she is not able to move her body. It feels like somehow her brain forgot how to command it.

“Now we will place you on your bed. You were made unable to control your body movement so you would not be tempted to play with your body parts. You would still not cum but you could actually hurt yourself by all the rubbing.

The hormones will prepare your body for being constantly wet and your lady parts swollen. We are not going to make your breasts bigger, which we usually do by introducing lactating hormones. As we can’t do it in your case the side effect will be that there will be more nerve endings densely in your breasts, which will make them extremely sensitive. Only your nipples will swell, there is no way around that.”

They must be quite strong as they lift her and move her to her bed like she was only a feather.

“Your implant is already set to maximum arousal as it helps the hormones to get into your system. Well enjoy your stay we both can’t wait to see the effects on your body.” Adds the blue-eyed girl and they both leave the room.


Disclaimer: I am using pictures of porn actress Sasha Grey that I found on the Internet. When I was writing the story I have always imagined Catherin looking like her. I hope that if she ever finds this blog by an accident that she won't mind...