Sunday, March 10, 2013

Out of his league

He felt her nails digging into his chest just before she began unbuttoning his shirt. Her sweet musky smell was filling his nostrils as it had for the past two hours.

He was angry at his boss, going to the bar only to ease his mind with some strong drink. She came right up to him as he sat at the table. Tall, with slender body and long dark hair, her tanned skin highlighting the deep blue of her eyes as she looked at him. He was just unable to make up a sound as she sat down right next to him.

She was not the kind of a girl who is patient with the buttons and she showed her strength by ripping the shirt open, the buttons flying around. His hands were running across her back and down to her round butt. Then it was his turn, and he grabbed her and forced her against the wall, burying his lips in her neck. He was rewarded with a moan of pleasure.

He was staring at her sitting there and instead of at least saying “hi” his eyes went lower, appraising her prominent chest and what was hidden under the white material of her top. “Hey, you just looked so cute and sad when you came in that I had to come and cheer you up a little,” she said in what was, for a woman, quite deep voice. And her smell… she smelled like a goddess, just the smell could make man go hard within seconds.

The smell was even stronger now as his nose was pressed against her neck. Her body felt so warm and she pressed her bare chest against him. He could not wait any longer and started lustfully relieving her of her clothes. Her breasts looked like they would flow right out from the tight bra that was enveloping them. He had always been a breast man and he felt like it was Christmas.

He finally managed to respond. He does not even remember what they were talking about. From the first moment he was just lost in her. Everything about her was so seductive. He felt that she must recognize how nervous she makes him and how entranced he is. He could never understand how it happened that she did not see how much he is out of her league. He worked hard to force himself to look at her eyes and face… at least mostly. She had such full lips. It was like magic every time she smiled, showing him her perfect white teeth.

Finally it was here, he was looking at her breasts and they were so beautiful, so full, so soft, so perfect with their red, hard nipples pointing at him. She pressed her body against his and felt his raging erection trapped in his pants and pressed against her thigh. “Follow me,” she said taking his hand and leading him through her large house.

Suddenly as they were talking he found his tongue being sucked into her mouth and her hand was kneading his leg. Soon after, she was leading him out of the bar and to her own car. She had black Porsche. She was rich and beautiful and he could not believe that he might actually get to fuck her.

She led him to a large bedroom with a king size bed with white sheets. She pushed him on the bed and started pushing down her tight shorts, moving sensually as she did so, until she was standing in front of him naked. Her slit was completely shaved, without a hair. Her body was perfectly tanned. He should not have been surprised that she was not ashamed to show that body at a beach. It was hard to choose which part of her body to focus his eyes on. It was not until she gave a meaningful look at his trousers that he jumped up and removed his last piece of clothing and his manhood sprang out, exposed to her gaze. She did not look disappointed. He was big and his size was something he was always proud of.

As they drove to her house neither of them said a word. He just kept looking her body, not even noticing where she was taking him. Her nipples were visibly hard under her shirt and bra, and he was hard as well between his legs. He could feel his own warmth radiating from his hard-on. Finally they got to their destination. Her house was big and situated at the beach. She really must be a rich girl. Then it seemed only moments before they were in her bedroom.

She pushed him again onto her bed and leaned over him. He could feel her hot body against his. She could feel his hard prick against her belly and he could feel her crotch radiating warmth against his leg. They were kissing hungrily. He wanted to turn her under him and go down on her for a while, as a good boy should, and then quickly fuck her before she could change her mind. But she did not let him move her. She just kept pressing her body against his and rubbing herself on him.

He was still tantalized by her breasts. She moved higher and pressed her chest against his face. He was sure it must be Christmas even though it was a hot summer. And all the time the smell of her perfume was clouding his mind more and more .

Her hand went down onto his rigid dick throbbing, the blood making the veins protrude. She held him in a firm, skilful grip stroking him slowly up and down with his face still under the flesh of her tits. And up and down she went, smearing the precum over the glans of his rock hard cock.

He sighed. He wished he could fuck her but her hand was so divine that he was afraid to move a muscle. Surely he would be able to come more than once tonight. It felt so good. Up and down.

He was close.

“First the lady,” she exclaimed suddenly and let go of him. Within a second she turned around and was pressing her wet slit against his nose. The musky smell was even stronger there. It was driving him crazy, not cumming, but he still felt lucky even if licking her and sucking on her pussy was the only thing he got to do tonight.

She was quite the moaner. Her moans echoed through the whole house and they worked to stiffen his horny manhood even more. His face was wet from her juices but he was still eagerly lapping on her clit and pushing his tongue inside her.

It actually took her only few minutes to cum over his face. In her orgasm she quieted down only to scream out as the last moments of her bliss were leaving her body.

Again the firm grip of her hand on his erection.

She turned around and positioned the red mushroom between her thighs against the entrance to her honeypot.

He tried to move up and inside her but she moved with him and her hand held him against her pussy. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning out in pleasure, rubbing his glands over her clitoris.

He wanted to protest, to demand that she finally let him sink inside her, but his complaints were interrupted before they began by another loud orgasm of hers.

Her eyes! When she came down from her personal heaven her eyes locked with his and she came down full force, quickly pushing his cock deep into her. He gave out a sigh of approval.

Before he could even fully realize the feelings flooding his mind from his cock, she started fucking him fast and digging her fingers into his chest. She was so sexy with her bobbing boobs above him. Her drowned out his own thoughts completely.

He was finally cumming!

Nope, he was not. She had stopped again. She sat there with his dick buried deep inside her, not moving. He could feel the walls of her vagina contracting around him, but it was not enough to get him over the edge.

“What the fuck,” he said angrily. But she just slapped him across the face and started moving her hips on him again slowly… up and down… up and down she went.

He was nearing orgasm again very soon and his eyes closed in anticipation.

She stopped again.

He tried to move but his hands were tied to the top of the bed. He had not noticed how she did that. His ankles were tied too. Now how did she do that?

“I don’t want you to be a naughty boy, big guy,” she purred softly into his ear.

“Who the fuck do you…,” he started but was stopped by two slaps on his face.

“Now what did I say about being a naughty boy. Behave or you will spend a long time tied to this bed,” she exclaimed.

He wanted to protest again but changed his mind. In the end he still had his cock inside a hottest girl he ever met.

After eleven times of repeating the cycle of fucking him without letting him cum, and actually cumming five times herself, he went from shouting his anger to begging her to finally let him release.

He was just too close to coming for her to really fuck him, so all she did was lean back to enjoy the feeling of his pulsating big prick in her as she rubbed her fingers fast over her own clit. The hot contractions of her orgasming cunt together with her moaning and the smell of sex all around them were almost enough to make him cum. Almost enough.

He felt the cool air on his red puffy manhood as she slipped it out of her. He looked at her and their eyes met as she pushed herself down his body.

Her hand took his member, holding it lightly this time. Her mouth neared him and her tongue softly touched the tip of the tortured glands.

She took him in and sucked. Once. Twice. And he came. He was shooting his seed down her throat and there was so much of it. She sucked up the last bit of it and let him go.

There was a huge smile on his face as he came down from the best orgasm of his life.

She put her leg over his body and hugged him romantically. As if it had not been her who had been torturing him without mercy for who knew how long.

They both fell asleep, she hugging him and he tied up.


He woke up. He was in her bed but he was not tied up any-more. Morning sun was shining on their naked bodies that had been hugging through the night.

He remembered the events of their encounter the night before and pushed himself over onto her, pinning her down.

She opened her eyes lazily, smiling at him.

“Why the fuck are you smiling? What was that last night?”

“Did you not enjoy it,” she asked, amused.

“No it was like you raped me.”

“Really and why is your prick so hard against me again?”

She was right his cock was hard again.

“My poor boy…” Her hand went to massage his hardness.

“Don’t touch me!”

She let got of him and wrapped her arms around his neck, whispering into his ear: “You can fuck me right now, however you like. You are on top. You are the man. Make me yours. Make me pay. Fuck me hard! Rape me back!”

He did not answer her, other than spreading her legs and pushing his manhood inside her already wet vagina. Oh that felt so good and she was still ever so hot. The smell was again filling his nostrils.

He held her down pinning her under him with his hands. She moaned with every hard trust he made. Her tits moved every time his cock went deep inside her. She wrapped her legs around his back to allow him fuck her even deeper.

She felt so tight and he was fucking faster and faster.

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